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How to Master the Art of Quitting

In the context of business, quitting is often considered to be a negative thing.

But might it actually be time to rethink how we perceive quitting?

Dragon’s Den investor and successful entrepreneur Steven Bartlett actually attributes much of his business success to quitting various things at different stages of his life and career.

Here we look some of the tips and tricks around [...]

May 12, 2022
Rachel Mallett
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Micro habits – the new way forward?

Hands up – who has managed to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions?

If you have, you’re in the minority…According to figures from international research data and YouGov, a mere 26% of those who make resolutions will stick with them for the year.

Making resolutions is all about trying to form new behaviours. We’ve written before about how the habits we carry into [...]

February 1, 2022
Rachel Mallett
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New Year’s Resolutions and FTI

The act of making New Year’s resolutions is an interesting one. Although we know that statistically, we are highly unlikely to maintain or meet the promises we make, the process of thinking about what you want to achieve and setting goals is, in itself, one that serves a purpose and carries some merit.

But what is it that stands in the [...]

January 11, 2021
Rachel Mallett
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What’s Spooking You Out?

Trick or treating and Halloween parties may be off the agenda for this year but with the dawning of darker nights, shorter days and a long winter ahead, there is still a definite sense of spookiness in the air.

For many businesses, this year could quite rightly be classed as a nightmare – and one that most would rather forget.

So as [...]

October 16, 2020
Rachel Mallett
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Are you looking to (Br)exit this year?

It’s official – after 47 years, the UK has exited the European union and is now officially ‘on its own’. This got us thinking about the many hundreds of thousands of individuals who might be looking to break away themselves this year and start up their own business. Much like the UK breaking ties with the EU via Brexit, setting [...]

February 3, 2020
Rachel Mallett
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New Year goal setting in plain sight

When it comes to your business, January is a great time to assess and take stock.

Something we always encourage at Agenda is to look at your business’ vision. Whilst this may seem like a fairly abstract concept, there’s method in our madness…after all, all of the smaller decisions you make consciously and subconsciously come from the ‘big picture’ you have [...]

December 4, 2019
Rachel Mallett
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Wellbeing tips for business owners

Mental health is becoming a hot topic for HR and businesses are increasingly taking measures to encourage better wellbeing for their employees.

But what about business owners themselves?

It’s all too easy to take mental health for granted; thinking that because you are well, you will always be able to deal with the hurdles and obstacles that are part and parcel of [...]

October 8, 2019
Rachel Mallett
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Fewer beach vibes, more rock and roll?

In business as in life, it can be easy to become distracted by the small things. You know, the everyday, niggling tasks that each seem to take much more of your time than you intend. Cumulatively, these tasks can quickly mount up to several hours in a month – time that could actually be really useful to have to dedicate [...]

January 19, 2019
Rachel Mallett
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gemma-evans-131781-unsplash (1)

Why ‘no’ is the new ‘yes’

Saying ‘no’ isn’t an easy thing to do. At some stage in our lives, we seem to lose the ability to say ‘no’; saying ‘yes’ instead to all manner of tasks, meetings and activities that don’t necessitate our time or attention.
Here are three reasons why ‘no’ should feature more in your vocabulary.

Leave more time for the important stuff
There [...]

August 9, 2018
Rachel Mallett
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How to shine more at work!

At Agenda, we’re not ashamed to say that we love a good business book. There are a number that we know, love and use concepts from in our everyday dealings with clients and if you’ve got a beady eye, you may have seen us refer to these in previous blogs.

One business read that falls into our top 5 recommendation list [...]

July 5, 2018
Rachel Mallett
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