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How to Reign Supreme Like Our Queen!

When it comes to great leaders, there are few that can match the standards of Queen Elizabeth II. In this platinum Jubilee year, we look at some of the secrets of success for longevity as a leader and how these can be translated into our businesses.

Set an example

One of the many aspects of the Queen’s reign that should be congratulated is the way in which she has maintained decorum and integrity, whilst at the same time demonstrating a hardworking attitude throughout. Whether you believe in the monarchy or not, this is something to be admired. In business, if you want your employees to respect you and be prepared to go the extra mile, setting an example and ‘leading from the front’ will stand you in good stead.

Plan for the next generation

Over recent years, we have seen the Queen start to take a step back; letting the younger Royals undertake more duties on her behalf. Earlier this year, the Queen even took the step of setting out how she would like the next generation to be titled; King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla. No-one, not even the Queen, is infallible – so making plans and setting out a pathway for how the business will proceed going forward is essential.

Surround yourself with good people

No man (or woman) is an island and the Queen has certainly not made it into her 70th year of reign without help and support of her close family and a team of aids. In business, you need a loyal team to work alongside you, helping to make and see through key decisions and generally be on hand to help keep the ship on course. Outside of work, having a supportive family or friends to act as your cheerleaders can go a long way to keeping you on track, especially if times get tough.

Take time off!

Outside of the Royal Staterooms, the Queen is known for her love of animals, including her beloved corgis and horses, as well as a general fondness for the great outdoors. Every summer, the Queen visits her country estate in Balmoral for several weeks at a time, where she gets to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life. Whilst we don’t all have country estates to escape to, taking time out of the office to decompress is important for all leaders. A change of scene really does help to relax the mind, whilst often leaving you more focused on your return to work; sometimes with fresh ideas gathered during your time off.

Longevity as a leader is important if you want to grow your business and allow it to reach its potential. Agenda’s business consultants work alongside business leaders to help with key decision making or going through change, or even as a point of council throughout the lifecycle of a business. We’d love to talk to you and see how we could help! Our initial consultation is free.

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