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What you can measure you can manage

When it comes to judging the performance of a business there’s one thing that matters – the numbers. From turnover to net profit, overheads to break-even point, figures supply us with information to make business decisions.

Whilst accounting information such as this can be invaluable, it’s all too often inaccessible – available only after the year’s accounts have been completed and [...]

April 12, 2018
Rachel Mallett
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The Five P’s, Pricing and Picasso

Anybody that’s done a course in marketing will have heard of the ‘Five P’s of Marketing’. The theory is that Product, Place, People, Promotion and Price, when approached correctly, can combine to create the perfect ‘marketing mix’. Most of us are comfortable with the first four p’s mentioned – even if we don’t always have the magic answer to how [...]

March 10, 2018
Rachel Mallett
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Staying motivated now January is over!

February is a funny old month. January is often a month of motivation – even if you don’t set resolutions, many of us use the first month of the year as an impetus set ourselves other challenges – be it Dry January, the start of a new fitness regime or a diet! But as the end of January comes and [...]

February 9, 2018
Rachel Mallett
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Be a success in 2018

Success means different things to different people.

Some people will never truly be happy with what they’ve achieved – always striving for the next thing. Others might set small, ‘bitesized’ goals, and each time these are reached, they might feel a ‘hit’ of success.

What does success mean to you?

Regardless of your interpretation, we all want to be ‘more successful’. Here are [...]

January 4, 2018
Rachel Mallett
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The GOLDEN Rules for businesses during the festive season

Christmas is coming and as the festive train gathers momentum, it can be easy to lose sight of its destination. Before you know if, another Christmas Day will have been and gone and we’ll be at the start of another New Year!

The festive season needn’t be like this. Here are some tips for business owners on ensuring this festive season [...]

December 11, 2017
Rachel Mallett
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The culture of success

Last time on our blog we looked at some of the different elements that make a good team and how a successful team is the sum of its individual members. In terms of skills, this is undoubtedly the case – teams can only work effectively where everyone is best placed to play to their strengths and there are no gaps [...]

August 29, 2017
Rachel Mallett
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There’s no I in TEAM – but should there be?

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘there’s no I in team’. Often used to remind team members that they have to work together and not be selfish, this saying is one that’s rolled out time and time again.

Of course working together as a team is important. But if you don’t know the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals within the [...]

August 1, 2017
Rachel Mallett
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whos selling your business

Who’s selling your business?

When it comes to staff training, we often think of formal, structured training – perhaps around soft skills such as customer service, or alternatively, around product, process or software knowledge. Something we very rarely consider is training our staff in the art of sales.

‘But why would I need to train my receptionist in selling skills?’, you might ask.  Perhaps you [...]

June 29, 2017
Rachel Mallett
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could your business operate without you

Could your business operate without you?

So you’ve cracked it. You’ve set up your business exactly the way you want it. Things are running well – it’s amazing you’re managing to fit so much into the day! You’re in control of your accounts, you have some strong leads you’re dealing with, you’re managing your marketing campaigns and you’re overseeing everything that goes ‘out the door’.

Sounds great, [...]

May 29, 2017
Rachel Mallett
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how responsible are you

How responsible are you?

With great power comes great responsibility.

Sorry for getting all ‘Spiderman’ on you – and don’t worry, this article isn’t about donning a blue suit and saving the world. Well, maybe in your own small way…

In our businesses as well as our lives generally, we’re all busy chasing the next thing. At work, we’re trying to win new customers, market our [...]

May 4, 2017
Rachel Mallett
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