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Because you’re worth it…How to implement price increases

The rising cost of living is a key topic of discussion at the moment and from the price of petrol at the pumps to food in your supermarket trolley, we are all noticing the effect of inflation on our budgets. But just as the cost of items is increasing for personal purchases, businesses are also feeling the impact. Depending on [...]

April 5, 2022
Rachel Mallett
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How sustainable is your business?

Sustainability is a hot topic for all of us. We all know the benefits of going green – and many of us are taking small actions every day to reduce our impact on the planet.

But what about businesses? In fact, for businesses, sustainability is becoming ever more important as consumers look to make choices about where and how they spend [...]

March 15, 2022
Rachel Mallett
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Is it time to show your business some love?

The past couple of years has been a turbulent time for many businesses and in many ways, it has been a case of bunkering down and getting on with adapting to the changes taking place around us.

With the month of love upon us, spring just around the corner, and a greater sense of stability around the pandemic, it could be [...]

February 19, 2022
Rachel Mallett
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Where has the past 2 years gone?!

Many of us will have picked up some lessons in how to manage our time effectively whilst working from home during lockdowns. But approaching two years since the start of the pandemic, you might look back and wonder where the time has gone, and whether you have achieved as much as you wanted to.

Without the structure of a daily commute, [...]

December 17, 2021
Rachel Mallett
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A Business Carol – the Past, Present and Future

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it, I’m sure many of us will be looking forward to enjoying the festivities even more so than in previous years.

This time of year, we often discuss looking back over the previous 12 months and forward planning for the year ahead.

This year may not have gone according to plan, with [...]

December 6, 2021
Rachel Mallett
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Getting Ahead of the Job Vacancy Crisis

There are currently reported to be around 1 million job vacancies in the UK, the highest number since records began two decades ago.

Since the UK started to emerge from the pandemic, the changing job market has been an emerging topic, and it has been widely reported that several sectors in particular are struggling to fill vacancies – with hospitality, accommodation, [...]

October 11, 2021
Rachel Mallett
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Finding the Winning Combination

Despite the controversy leading up to it, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics really was an event to remember – and for all the right reasons so far as Team GB were concerned.

It’s hard not to be inspired by the stories of success of our medal winners, and following the games, it’s hoped that an interest in sports will be sparked across [...]

August 10, 2021
Rachel Mallett
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Bouncing Back from Disappointment

Following the defeat of England’s football team against Italy in the final of the Euro 2020 tournament, there was a collective feeling of deflation across the nation. After the run of success the team enjoyed, and the belief that this year would be England’s time, coming second was a big disappointment.

This got us thinking about hard times in businesses, and [...]

July 15, 2021
Rachel Mallett
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Are you making plans again?

As restrictions have lifted over the past few weeks, many of us have rejoiced in being able to make plans again! Whether it’s lunch with friends, a drink in your local or a day out with family, after months of Netflix on the sofa, it feels novel to put appointments in the diary.

With planning back on the agenda, it makes [...]

May 19, 2021
Rachel Mallett
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The big reopening – a quick pause for thought

After months of being forced to close, for many hundreds of thousands of businesses, this and next month will be the time they have waited so long for – when they can finally reopen their doors.

Having spent months in mothball mode, many business owners will have had time to think about the way they want to operate moving forward. But [...]

April 20, 2021
Rachel Mallett
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