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All those little things…

When you’re running a business, you rarely have the time or headspace to think about ways to improve your business. This has been especially true over the past few years, with businesses having to adapt to survive Covid, launch their post-Covid comebacks, then fight to keep pace with the cost of energy and rising inflation. Through these busy and challenging times, it may be that you have lost sight of some of the little things you used to do to keep your business ticking over that little bit better.

Here we take a look at some of the little things that you might want to consider bringing back…

Customer service

We all like to be treated well and customer service can go a long way to enhancing the experience of dealing with a company; creating a good lasting memory that can encourage future business. We all know this is the case, but not all businesses put the effort into going the extra mile. Perhaps you used to have a customer loyalty scheme, such as a loyalty card, or maybe you would have kept in touch with your database in the past via regular emails – perhaps with offers and discounts. Whilst few businesses will be keep to offer heavy discounts at the moment, added incentives to shop or spend with your business could be the way forward, plus they make your customers feel valued!


Customer satisfaction is one thing, but equally important is employee satisfaction. Keeping employees happy can improve productivity and of course, goes a long way in terms of staff retention. Employees will rarely want to wait a year for their annual appraisal to discuss any issues they have or offer their views. Regular catch ups with employees can help business owners to identify any pending problems. Meetings with employees needn’t always be formal; sometimes a coffee or lunch together can be just as – or more – insightful.

Planning for the future

The majority of business owners are so caught up with the here and now that they rarely look ahead to what they want the future to hold – both for themselves and the business. Putting together a business plan and establishing short, medium and long-term goals can help business owners create a greater sense of clarity and often renews motivation. It is then easier to move forward and achieve milestones quicker.

Both customers and employees like to feel that their opinion is important too, so a quick survey asking for suggestions, comments or thoughts on areas for improvement can help to inform any future business decisions.

As we all know, the little things can make a very big difference and when you’re operating a small business, even marginal gains across a number of areas can soon add up.

Get in touch with our business consultants to discuss how we can help you to plan and implement those all-important ‘little things’.

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