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The culture of success

Last time on our blog we looked at some of the different elements that make a good team and how a successful team is the sum of its individual members. In terms of skills, this is undoubtedly the case – teams can only work effectively where everyone is best placed to play to their strengths and there are no gaps in the areas that need to be fulfilled.

What we didn’t look at last time was how significant a role team culture can play in overall performance.

Sometimes when you walk into a place, be that an office, a shop or any other business, you get a good ‘vibe’. This isn’t always something you can put your finger on – but you can definitely sense it. This is usually down to a business’ culture and if customers/clients can sense it, you could definitely identify it if you worked there.

Here are four reasons to create a great culture in your company.

Attract the cream of the crop 

Businesses that have a good culture tend to become recognised as a good place to work. Investing in your team and making yourself a good employer can pay dividends when it comes to recruiting as people will be keen to apply for positions when they become available. You’ll then have the pick of the crop!

In addition, if staff know they’re onto a good thing, they’re unlikely to want to leave to work for a competitor. This not only aids consistently but can also provide other benefits, such as saving time and money on recruiting new employees.

Keep customers coming back 

As described above, people can sense when a working environment is a happy one. If you create a friendly atmosphere with staff who enjoy their work and are genuinely happy to be there, customers will notice. People like to do business with individuals and businesses they like, so will keep coming back if they experience a good culture.


A happy workforce is a productive one!  People who are happy to be at work and care about their output and performance will naturally be more inclined to work harder and do the right things by their managers, co-workers and clients.

Agile not fragile

It is often quite apparent the companies who invest in their company culture vs those that don’t. As the above points demonstrate, a strong and positive team culture can help to attract both staff and clients, helping to get and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Creating a great team culture really can make the difference between an averagely performing business and one at the top of its game. For further help and advice on how to go about creating a top class culture in your business, please contact us.


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