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Is it time to show your business some love?

The past few years has been a turbulent time for many businesses and in many ways, it has been a case of bunkering down and getting on with adapting to the changes taking place around us.

With the month of love upon us, spring just around the corner, and a greater sense of stability around the pandemic, it could be a great time to think about where you’d like your business to go – rather than just doing the necessary to survive.

Here we take a look at some of the ways to show your business the love it deserves!

Small changes can make a big difference

Many businesses are still struggling from the impact of the pandemic – with many having to think about finding the funds to repay loans or other costs that they incurred along the way. However, at this stage, they should at least be in a position to know where they stand, with a much better prospect for stability over the coming year. You may not feel in a position to splurge on making improvements, but there may be small tweaks you could make at a relatively low cost. If budget is an issue, think about what would have the biggest impact and prioritise your efforts accordingly.

If you have the funds available to spend – go for it! You may have been putting off a redecoration, new website or investment in equipment because you were unsure of when the next lockdown would come. Appearances – both physical and virtual – are important and give off the right impression to customers and potential customers!

Think differently

We’ve all come out the other side of the pandemic slightly different people to before it started, and the same can be said for many businesses. If you made changes that are now here to stay, make sure that any implementation that was rushed into place is now carried through thoroughly and professionally. For example, if you switched to online sales and implemented a ‘quick fix’ solution to allow orders to be processed, if you haven’t already, you might want to look at a slicker, more professional website. If you’ve decided to make permanent changes to the way you operate – for example, if you or your team are now operating more remotely – make sure you communicate this with staff and clients as appropriate and incorporate it into your employee handbook/contracts.

Look for savings

Making changes isn’t just about spending more – it can also be about finding savings. You may have kept certain suppliers in place over the last couple of years due to ease – but by undertaking a review, you could find that there are savings to be made. Phone contracts, stationary suppliers, IT support, consultancy fees – there could be cheaper solutions and providers to be found if you are willing to spend a bit of time and effort.

If you want to step out of the other side of the pandemic in the right direction, we’ve got plenty more advice to provide. Please get in touch and arrange a free initial consultation with Agenda’s business consultants.

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