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How to generate new sales leads

Every business owner wants to create new sales leads, and there are proven ways to do this. However, there are also pitfalls in this area of business, particularly for small businesses, so let’s look at how getting new sales leads can be a regular part of your work.

The most effective way to generate new sales leads is the most obvious – get your name in front of people who need what you have to offer. Sounds simple, but it takes a lot of work, so our first piece of advice is not to lose your nerve. Chances are, marketing yourself doesn’t come naturally, so you need to remember the value of your strengths and the ways in which you can help prospective clients. You need to leave potential customers in no doubt as to what you can offer.

This extends far beyond carrying some business cards around with you. Those business cards should be handed to everyone you meet who might be able to make use of what you can do. Don’t forget that even if someone can’t use your services directly, they might know someone who can. Word of mouth is massively important, but it all has to start with your words from your mouth. If you don’t take that first step in getting your name out there, nobody else will.

Don’t be afraid of networking events. The popular perception is that you’ll just encounter a lot of dull people eating miserable bacon sandwiches, but this couldn’t be further from the truth (…in most cases, at least). Networking events are often run by successful people who are looking for opportunities. If you’re there, and you’re credible, then they may well be interested in working with you.

Indeed, staying connected with clients and suppliers alike is always recommended. Ask your customers what they need from you, and tailor your services accordingly. Ask your suppliers what they can do for you, and turn these into selling points. Stay informed about your field of expertise and you’ll find new information that you can turn to your advantage. You might even consider working with other people who offer similar services to you, and collaborate on high-value projects. Just because someone does the same thing as you, doesn’t automatically make them the enemy – sometimes, the best way to triumph is to combine your powers!

Many business owners who are unsure about how to generate new sales leads forget that marketing and self-promotion isn’t an instant solution. It takes time for your name and message to filter to the right people. People won’t see your advertising and immediately want or need your services – large companies have huge ongoing marketing campaigns, to keep their profile high and their name at the forefront of their customers’ consciousness. You can’t put an advert in a magazine and expect the prospects to come running to you on launch day. It might take a while for your marketing and networking efforts to bear fruit. Again, don’t lose your nerve.

Of course, make sure that you’re not focusing on ways to generate new sales leads at the expense of the ones you’ve already created. Ask yourself if your need to get new clients is because you’re losing the ones you’ve already acquired. Getting new sales leads is always great, but if you can work on improving your client retention rate, you might make things easier for yourself!

If you feel like your marketing needs a shot in the arm, and want to generate new sales leads – and, most importantly, the right ones – then get in touch with Agenda today for a consultation.

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