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How to Build on Success

Football finally came home this summer as England’s Lionesses stormed to fantastic victory in the Women’s Euro Championship. But now the euphoria of the victory has passed, there’s the challenge of keeping the momentum up to achieve further successes going forward.

It is often the case in business that success leads to success. So how can you ensure that you create and capitalise on the opportunities available?

Follow your own goal

Building on success can only come once you have recognised you have achieved success! This sounds obvious, but people are not always quick to acknowledge their own achievements. People so often get caught up in following other peoples’ dreams or believing other people’s PR – the best thing is to keep focussed on what it is you want to achieve for what SUCCESS looks like for you. Success doesn’t only come in big packages – sometimes it’s the mini wins that are the most meaningful!

Keep the story going

Winning an award or reaching a milestone is only the start of the story – the real work comes afterwards. Be sure to communicate your success with clients and stakeholders – via your website, social media channels, mailing lists etc. If you have a winner’s logo to display, don’t forget to add this to your website, email footer and corporate literature.

Take the time to celebrate

Success is rarely a solo effort; there are often several people involved along the way. It’s important to recognise the efforts of contributors and allow the time to celebrate in the success. There’s something to be said for the ‘feel good’ factor in boosting productivity and promoting a positive attitude within a team.

Look for the next challenge

Once you’ve taken the time to recognise and celebrate your achievements, it’s important to keep the momentum going. There is always another goal to aim for; by reassessing and revising your aims and objectives following on from a success, you can take the first step towards the next ‘win’.

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