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Failing to plan = planning to fail

We often tell our clients that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” This phrase has become a popular adage, but it has a lot of truth behind it. Having a plan is essential for any business to succeed. Here we look at some of the key aspects of planning and why it’s the key to success in business.

Make a plan

Having an effective plan is essential for success in any business venture…  Without a plan, it is impossible to measure progress or successes, and it is easy to become overwhelmed and make bad decisions. So to this end, having a plan is the first step in ensuring success. However, creating a plan shouldn’t be a tick box exercise; it’s important to really think about the big picture and set realistic goals that can be achieved with the resources available. A good plan should be broken down into manageable tasks and deadlines, and should be designed with input from everyone involved.

Review and adjust

Once a plan has been created, it is important to review it regularly. A plan is a living document, and it should be adjusted to reflect changing circumstances. It is important to review the plan to make sure it is still on track and that it is still a viable path to success.

Stick to it!

It is important to stay focussed on the plan and resist the urge to get distracted by “shiny” ideas or other distractions. So long as your plan has been thoroughly considered and reviewed, it’s important to have faith in it and commit to following through on the ideas it contains. This is the only way to ensure that the plan is effective.

At Agenda, our business consultants take the time to create a plan with our clients, reviewing it regularly. To discuss how we can help to make, review and adjust business plans to keep clients on track for success, get in touch.

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