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Effective recruitment and team retention

For many business owners, the secret of effective recruitment is an elusive one. Skills overlap, personalities clash, and you can spent far too much of your time recruiting, and not enough getting on with the job. But there’s a solution.

Psychometric Analysis is a specialist service offered by Agenda, and can transform the way you look at your team. It’s probably the most effective recruitment tool you could ever find, giving you a new insight into the way your team functions – not just as individuals, but as a complete entity.

You may know psychometric analysis as psychometric testing, or indeed by many other names. The principle is simple – the subject answers a series of specially-design questions, which reveal amazing detail about their personality types, leadership potential, motivating factors, ability to work with others, and many other subtle character traits. The results of the test are presented in a straightforward, jargon-free report that is sure to become a key part of any effective recruitment process.

The information you gain through the Psychometric Analysis process is important for many reasons. If you’re recruiting for a job, and know what that job will entail, you can assess a candidate’s suitability based on their results. A job might call for strong leadership skills; you’ll see at a glance whether the person you’re about to employ will take your team to new heights, or new depths. Effective recruitment is based on understanding your team; a report from Psychometric Analysis allows you to see through any over-rehearsed interview techniques, to the person beneath.

In a similar way, a you’ll come to understand how your existing team members interact, and this can have a great effect on your current personnel policies. If you’re noticing frequent conflicts, it may be that you have the right people, but in the wrong roles. Effective recruitment doesn’t just apply to new staff members – the same principles apply to those already in-post. The reports available from Psychometric Analysis help you to isolate negative influences and maximise your team’s effectiveness. The right team is a balancing act of leaders and followers, of those who make the decisions and those who implement them. Get it right, and you’ll find things running a lot more smoothly; get it wrong, and you could be preventing the growth of your business.

Psychometric Analysis reports are available from £95 plus vat per individual, and stand to become the most effective recruitment system you use. Call Rachel now on 07980 262961 or visit to find out more.

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