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Business development for SMEs in Lancashire

Agenda was founded with the intention of aiding business development for SMEs, and over the years we’ve seen companies in all kinds of industries go from strength to strength through forward planning, smart decision making, and good old fashioned hard work.

And while the advice and support we offer is always unique to every client, there are some principles which are universal.

It’s for this reason that we’re part of the Business Growth Club, a quarterly event run by Mayes Accountants in Accrington, Lancashire. As long-standing collaborators with Mayes, we share their belief in making an effective business plan (not to mention sticking to it!) and the Business Growth Club is the perfect way to encourage business development for SMEs in the Lancashire area.

Hosted by Agenda’s very own Rachel Mallett, the Business Growth Club is an inspiring peer-to-peer event held once a quarter, focused on ways to improve business development for SMEs through practical techniques born of experience. It gives small businesses an opportunity to learn from one another, in a focused and productive manner, free from waffle and jargon.

This isn’t one of those embarrassing business networking events, where people stand around with ham rolls and awkward smiles and then leave with a distinct feeling that they’ve wasted their time. The Business Growth Club is designed to help your business prosper by enhancing your systems, maximising opportunities, and reducing inefficiencies.

It’s based on Mayes’ Business One Page Plan, a proven system that has given many of its users growth averaging 92.7% in net profit. Business development for SMEs is at the forefront of the entire concept, and crucially, the skills you’ll learn here are ones you can take away and put into practice immediately, not pie-in-the-sky concepts that are no use to anyone.

We’re all short on time – being able to work on the business, rather than in it, is a crucial part of business development for SMEs up and down the country. The Business Growth Club offers you a chance to catch your breath and take a step back from the everyday workings of your business; this, in turn, gives you more perspective on what’s really happening, and enables you to work through issues you might be facing. Being able to discuss your business activities with other business owners can give you a new angle on solutions, making it a great way to overcome the obstacles to your growth.

A club focused on business development for SMEs… with genuinely useful advice and information… now, those don’t come along every day. And when you’re told by attendees from the hardened world of business that you’ve done “an amazing job”, the effects speak for themselves.

Want to know more about how the Mayes Business Growth Club is the ideal launchpad for business development for SMEs in Lancashire? Get in touch for the details.

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