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Aspire to grow your business? The benefits of exploring new revenue streams

If you ask many business owners, they will freely admit that things haven’t always worked out the way they planned! Sometimes the most successful businesses end up on a different course to the one they originally set out on or expanding their business into areas they probably never even considered at the outset.

In fact the ability to respond to demands and changes in the market can be the quality that makes a business successful.

Whether you take an alternative route altogether or simply add additional service lines/products, adapting can be key to growing revenue streams. The changes you make may be altogether more subtle; perhaps just a different way of delivering what you do or altering your message.

One shining example of this is Agenda’s lovely client, Aspire Photography Training. Based in the Lake District, the original business model was based around face to face photography training courses. Both in groups and on a one to one basis, Catherine Connor started out delivering photography workshops and courses, quickly establishing a name in the industry.

After a number of years and awards, Aspire’s founder Catherine was looking to ways to grow the business and its revenue streams, which at the time relied very heavily on her input and time. With the rise of widespread high speed internet and technological advances in video production and streaming, the next step was to take photography training online with a series of online courses.

Having worked with Aspire for a number of years, they recently asked me to get involved with one of their online webinars on the ‘business’ side of photography. Entitled ‘How to Earn £50K, the video covers topics close to our hearts such as setting goals and targets, getting your price point right and building a business you love.

Talking about doing something different, filming this video certainly took me out of my comfort zone! Having said this, it’s something I really enjoyed doing and I’m proud of the end result.

Catherine and the Aspire team are a prime example of taking an existing thriving business and diversifying with a new way of thinking to create an even more successful one. When you’re busy running your business day to day, you rarely get chance to sit back and review where you are going. This is where Agenda comes in – we can help you see the wood for the trees and help to identify potentially quick and simple ways to make your business more profitable.

If you can see the potential for your business in other areas but need a bit of help to make your plans come to fruition, please get in touch here. We offer a free initial consultation to any new client.

  1. Over the moon to feature on the Agenda Blog. Rachel Mallett is a real inspiration to the whole Aspire Photography Training.

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