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Agenda was created with the aim of helping businesses to be their very best. We provide a completely bespoke business consultancy service that gives you a thorough insight into how your organisation works (or doesn’t work!), what strengths you can capitalise upon, and what weaknesses you need to address.

For over 25 years, Agenda’s founder Rachel Mallett has worked with businesses of all kinds, including thriving design agencies and award-winning high street dress shops. Among her many business consultancy skills, she is able to act as an outsider within your business, seeing through the day-to-day issues of your work and isolating the key most pertinent points for you to act upon.

As a client of Agenda’s business consultancy service, you’ll learn to deconstruct your understanding of your business, and look at it in a new way: you’ll challenge assumptions that may have built up over years of business, but which are stifling your growth. Taking each element of your business in turn, you’ll look at what you’re doing right, and what you could stand to improve. This systematic approach means that you don’t just move a problem to a new part of your company – instead, you solve it altogether, addressing every area where it could arise.

Crucially, working with Agenda also means you have someone to answer to. When trying to improve your business it can be all to easy to think you’ve solved everything, but to slip into bad habits. Rachel’s expert input and meticulous business consultancy service doesn’t leave any room for complacency; growing your business means a policy of active change!

The results of your work with Rachel are immediate. By looking in detail at your business, you will rediscover your passion for what you do – and this, in turn, will inspire you to ever greater things. As your business grows, Rachel will work with you to ensure that your thriving operation becomes everything you want it to be under your control.

Get in touch to book your first consultation, and discover the difference Agenda’s business consultancy service could make to your business.

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