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Catherine Connor

Aspire Photography Training was formed in 1998 and since the business was launched we have trained some of the best in the photographic industry.

Education and inspiration is at the core of all we do, from training the complete beginner through to those about to go into the business or the professional photographer looking to refine and improve on what they do.

There are two main arms to the business; the Bespoke Programme, a 12-month business building course designed for those wanting to head into the photographic industry; and Discovery - about all forms of education, whether business development, self development or pure photography. Based in Cumbria, the National Park has given us the ideal backdrop to inspire all those that are motivated to travel to us from across the globe.

Agenda gave us the pathway and direction we needed to keep all that matters most within a business on track – the cash!

We are building a very progressive business that requires a great deal of attention. Having a director that operates in the hub of the business is not easy. Rachel has kept us on track, given us the challenges we needed and most importantly, been there when the going got tough!

What all businesses need is a broad range of advice and that is what Agenda is about, using this range to impact positively upon many aspects of the organisation.

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