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Freebird has been trading since 1989 and has weathered the many vagaries of business, branching out into the new media sector in 2002 and swiftly earning an excellent reputation with clients across the world. It became apparent very quickly after the leap into new media that the company needed to expand rapidly if its growing client base were to be effectively serviced by a suitably skilled team.

With both directors still playing a very active role in the day-to-day production side of the business, it was difficult to take time out to look at the bigger picture. Everyone was busy at the coalface, so important management decisions were not given the attention they deserved, while the steadily growing team created increasing amounts of time-consuming administration work.

Agenda's involvement gave the team a much-needed opportunity to stop, take a few deep breaths, and look at what was really going on at Freebird. Procedures were put in place to ensure the smooth and efficient running of day-to-day business affairs. Scheduled meetings prevented the production aspect of the business from always taking priority. And the implementation of workflow systems meant that a high standard of customer service could be maintained, however much work was on the books.

With Agenda on board, the directors had someone else to answer to besides each other. This served as an additional motivating factor in moving the business forward, allowing the decision makers the space and time to plan the company's future. Using Agenda's services has allowed Freebird to work more effectively in all areas: communication has become more transparent, staff are more accountable, and the company as a whole is more focused on achieving great things.

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